Quantum Technology

Quantum technologies are much hyped, but yet to be practical for most companies and use-cases. However, the potential for disruption is vast. Quantum technologies, based on the interactions of particles smaller than a millionth of a grain of sand, defy what most of us understand by the laws of physics. Because of this, quantum promises capabilities that few would believe are possible: computers that solve impossible equations in one operation, instantaneous communications across continents, codes that reveal if they’ve been cracked, and even the possibility of teleportation. 451 Research’s Center of Excellence for Quantum Technology provides a cross-discipline view into this yet unrealized but truly disruptive technology. Analysts take a critical look into the theory, implementation and application of quantum tech with a realistic eye on what is possible today, but a feasible view of what is possible.

Report Excerpt

Quantum Computing: Countdown to a Quantum Leap

Quantum computing is increasingly in the public eye, with big players looking to educate the next generation, and startups receiving speculative funding. Now is the time to experiment and to keep an open mind, but don’t expect miracles anytime soon.

Market Insight

Honeywell's Trapped-ion Design likely to Positively Charge Quantum Computing Industry

Honeywell is announcing a quantum computer based on trapped ions, promising lofty claims of market-leading performance and mid-circuit measurement, and likewise pledging to publish data to support those claims.

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Google Claims Quantum Supremacy, IBM Disagrees; our Concern is the Economics

Google's step is an important one, but there are many steps that don't get such attention. Our advice is to focus on the value generated by announcements: Google has made important progress, regardless of whether it has achieved quantum supremacy or not. That should be cause for celebration.

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A Primer on Quantum Security

This report provides a beginner's guide to quantum key exchange based on what Einstein called 'spooky action at a distance.' This isn't a distant dream – big players are investing in R&D, while new players already have commercial offerings for sale.

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A Primer on Quantum Computing

Quantum computing is very much a cutting-edge technology, and isn't likely to be in our smartphones anytime soon. But it does have huge disruptive power if it can be developed beyond experimentation and into practical use.

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Move Over, Heisenberg: QuintessenceLabs Brings Key Generation into the Quantum Realm

By combining the added security of encryption keys based on quantum random numbers, advanced key lifecycle management and an HSM for protecting those keys, QuintessenceLabs has developed a compelling offering for those enterprises and agencies with a need for the highest level of data security.