Managed Services

451 Research has extensively covered service providers and their offerings even as they move further up the stack with a variety of cloud services from new and emerging technology vendors. While web hosting, operational management and application services remain popular with our clients, new kinds of 'as a Service' offerings are appearing to meet new demands. We get an increasing amount of client inquiries around managed security, cyber disaster-recovery services, managed hosting, distribution channel dynamics and more.

As private equity and venture capital investment in this space has grown, we have seen a sharp increase in client interest, as well as strategic Advisory projects with companies looking to move into managed service provision. We cover key managed services sectors via in-depth reports, encompassing supply and demand, disruptive trends and regional adoption in conjunction with our Voice of The Enterprise Hosting & Cloud Managed Services research.

Market Insight
Published: April 30, 2020

Three ways Datacenter Providers are Adapting to COVID-19

As part of 451 Research's ongoing coverage of the impacts of the COVID-19 outbreak, we thought it would be interesting to reach out to a number of our datacenter provider contacts to see what they are learning from all this, and how they're adapting, or even innovating, in response to the current challenges

Market Insight
Published: April 8, 2020

How a History of Paranoia and Strategies for Next-gen Architecture are Helping with Internet-based Services during COVID-19

'Paranoid' provisioning has allowed many to bring services online in a fast and efficient manner as the world comes under COVID-19 lockdown (in fact, it has provided the opportunity for many to test contingency plans, in many cases with success).

Market Insight
Published: March 31, 2020

COVID-19: Emerging Technologies and Professional Services to the Rescue

The importance of having real-time information that we can trust, feeling safe about the goods we purchase, and getting what we need as easily as possible without wasting time and resources has been highlighted by COVID-19.

Market Insight

Access to Talent Driving Managed Services Opportunity

A widespread shortage of cloud expertise has exposed an opportunity for managed service providers to fill the void and address new organizational challenges. Successful service providers will need to acquire and provide expertise in cloud technologies while also seeking partnerships to take advantage of new opportunities.

Market Insight

Cloud Trends in 2020: The Year of Complexity, and its Management

The cloud space continues to evolve as hybrid/multi-cloud emerges as the key organizing principle for increasingly heterogeneous IT, cloud-native technologies enter into IT environments, and complexity (and lack of in-house skills) creates a new landscape for IT operations. Enterprise workloads are on the move, and they're transforming.

M&A Insight

Going It Alone

Based on the M&A pace through the first seven months of 2019, full-year spending on acquisitions in the hosting/managed services market is tracking to about $3bn, according to 451 Research's M&A KnowledgeBase. Assuming the back half of 2019 plays out the way the year has gone so far, the value of announced transactions in the sector would be less than one-third the annual spending in any of the previous four years.

Market Insight

It's Not About Trust, It's About Proof

Finding service providers that can be trusted has become a key concern for enterprises, particularly as cloud and service providers play an increasingly larger and critical role in enterprise strategies. At the same time, service providers are fervently working on ways to prove they warrant trust from their customers. But maybe, in all these cases, it really isn't about trust. Maybe what enterprises are looking for is proof.

Voice of the Service Provider

Hyperscaler as a Service: Service Providers Shift from Competing to Partnering

According to 451 Research's Voice of the Service Provider: Differentiation & Vendor Selection 2018, 86% of telcos, MSPs, systems integrators, MSPs, colos and SaaS providers are currently partnering with the largest of public cloud providers. This is a major shift from 7-10 years ago, when service providers were in a race to provide compute- and storage-based services for the lowest price.

Market Insight

The Future Depends on Trust, Confidence and Proof

Over the last decade, consumers and businesses around the world have fanatically embraced technology, becoming increasingly dependent on all things digital. At first, many were wary about embracing tech like the cloud for mission-critical functions or private and protected data, but those fears were quickly overcome by the fear of being left behind in an increasingly digitized economy. Now that blind trust is being questioned and a collective unease is beginning to rise.

Market Insight

The Role of Service Mesh as a Cloud-Native Enabler is Building Fast

In a multi-cloud, hybrid IT architecture world, where applications are deployed as microservices, the use of service meshes is becoming an important (although not mandatory) component of cloud-native architecture.

Market Insight

Security Service Ideas: IAM

Organizations are beginning to discover that identity and access management (IAM) is a key component to controlling user access to critical information across the entire enterprise ecosystem while ensuring compliance with corporate policies and regulations.

Technology & Business Insight

Communications PaaS - Turning Business Communications Inside Out

Business communications are transitioning into an open, software-defined ecosystem that will enable intelligent, communications-enabled workflows for customer and employee interactions. We look at the role that programmable communications will play in this transformation and outline the four key attributes that will define the emerging business communications ecosystem.