Edge Datacenters

An anticipated wave of new edge datacenter capacity, driven by the Internet of Things, distributed cloud and other applications, will differ in many ways from past edge buildouts. Rather than being mostly IT siloes serving small business applications, branch and departmental computing needs, upcoming edge installations will not be incidental or tactical in nature but devised as part of strategic multi-tier IT services architectures.

These next-generation edge deployments are opening up new opportunities for hardware and software vendors alike, as well as for service providers that can effectively take advantage of a distributed edge tier. 451 Research tracks this competitive landscape, as well as the technical evolution and changing business models of edge datacenters and their uses. In addition to this market insight, we also produce quantitative market forecasts and regional perspectives.


Market Insight
Published: April 9, 2020

Network-heavy Services are Coping with Coronavirus so Far

In late March, network monitoring vendor Kentik hosted a virtual panel session with Netflix, Zoom, Dropbox and Equinix, discussing how the coronavirus outbreak has affected each company's operations. A common thread during the session was that services have simply accelerating their growth plans, meaning they have coped but have absorbed any safety buffer that was in place.

Market Insight
Published: March 26, 2020

COVID-19 Won't Narrow the Digital Divide in Africa and the Middle East

Africa and especially the Middle East currently lag the rest of the world in terms of the number of reported cases of people infected with the coronavirus. As a result, many of the countries that are home to the key datacenter markets across the MEA region have yet to implement the extreme measures that have locked down societies in recent weeks.

Market Insight
Published: March 25, 2020

COVID-19: Keeping the Datacenter Lights on during a Crisis

It is the role of datacenter operators to be resilient – their customers expect that the lights will be kept on during any major disrupting event. This does not mean the current pandemic does not test the industry – far from it. Providers and customers have learned valuable lessons from the past.

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Featured Data - UAE: Leased Datacenter Market

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Newest Datacenter Market Study From 451 Research Finds That Over Half of Global Utilized Racks Will Be Off-Premises by 2024

Cloud and service providers are expected to drive the growth in datacenter capacity

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Interconnection Services Evolve with Software Programmable Interconnection

It's probably no surprise that analysts like to have buckets to put technologies, companies and markets into. It's a quick way to group things together in order to talk about them in a big-picture way. Given that, it's not surprising that sometimes we need a new bucket. Enter Software Programmable Interconnection (SPI).

Market Insight

Colocation Providers Want to Link Enterprises to the Cloud

Datacenter operators are targeting enterprises in a bigger way than ever before, pitching colocation as a connectivity hub that can easily and securely connect to multiple destinations, especially public clouds. It's a logical argument, but the datacenter providers are challenged with getting colocation onto the roadmap of the average-sized enterprise.

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Global Colocation and Wholesale Datacenter Market to Exceed $54 Billion by 2023

451 Research projects that the global colocation and wholesale market will exceed $54 billion in revenue by 2023, according to its Q1 2019 Datacenter KnowledgeBase (DCKB)

Market Insight

The Silver Lining to Africa's Cloud: Strong Demand for Datacenters

Cloud became a hot topic in Africa in 2017, with Microsoft becoming the first of the major cloud providers to actively target the continent with its products. What's more, a steady increase in the number of datacenters on the continent, combined with ever-improving connectivity infrastructure, is boosting confidence in cloud.