Customer Experience

Technology is quickly catalyzing one of the most profound changes ever in the relationship between individuals and the world around them. Businesses are being redefined amid a shift from transactional relationships between people to more nuanced, complex relationships between humans and the automated systems and devices they use to engage with business and each other. With this comes a dramatic shift in the balance of power between many organizations and their customers, across virtually all industries. Price and products are no longer enough to influence decisions; customers value experiences.

Improving customer experience demands an approach that takes into account all of the tools, processes, and data across the customer journey. This complex process usually involves dynamically maintaining a single source of truth about each customer to drive contextualized experiences based on individual preferences and behaviors. Advancements in artificial intelligence driven by machine learning algorithms are at the heart of next-generation customer experience initiatives. Organizations must complement existing investments in systems of record with systems of engagement and systems of intelligence that are more agile and can ensure a frictionless customer experience. Systems of engagement - tools and applications specifically designed for automating customer-facing processes - can be tied to systems of record so that existing intelligence isn't lost, but can also be leveraged in ways that enable, rather than inhibit, positive customer experiences.

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Published: May 15, 2020

What's Next for Location Data Services?

The location data services market was changing even before the coronavirus pandemic as vendors developed new use cases and tools for incorporating this data into campaigns. COVID-19 has created stark turbulence for these firms – location data isn't terribly useful when people are staying home and not buying in stores.

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Published: May 1, 2020

COVID-19: The Potential Impact on CX’s Martech and Service Tech Segments

We are already experiencing a series of accelerated shifts that may become permanent, including the move to digital purchasing and e-commerce for basic goods like groceries. Since the customer experience (CX) landscape is composed of a series of parallel but related technology stacks, the implications for CX will be diverse and unpredictable.

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Published: March 16, 2020

Digital Experiences are front and center in coping with Coronavirus

The coronavirus is changing the face of customer experiences. Considering that 48% of the market is still formulating its digital transformation plans, businesses have a long way to go to ensure that vision meets reality. However, there has to be a specific reason to start – finally there is a business case for many to wake up, especially when it comes to delivering contextual experiences.


Customer Experience in CRM: From Laggards to Leaders

We live in a data-driven economy and users demand immediate results to complex questions they pose to the systems they use each day. While traditional CRM systems are on the cusp of AI and predictive analytics innovations, we know those tools are only as good as the data used to drive results.

Report Excerpt

2020 Trends in Customer Experience & Commerce

Significant disruption across industries, fueled by the rising influence of the empowered consumer, continues to exert pressure on businesses to deliver differentiated and consistent experiences across the entirety of the customer journey. In effect, this is forcing the evolution of the entire technology stack and organizational culture in order to enable real-time, contextually relevant experiences.


Critical for Black Friday and Cyber Monday: Contextual Commerce is Convenience, Context and Control

The holiday season is right around the corner and so are the notorious shopping holidays of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. According to our Voice of the Connected User Landscape survey, 80% of respondents plan to spend the same as the previous year and the remaining 20% plan to modify their spending.

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Journey Management Software Provides Insight Into Customer Behavior

The idea of a journey stands for many of the discrete steps in identifying a customer's needs or wants, and then gradually interacting with that customer to fulfill those needs. It also encompasses the steps that go beyond purchase into support or recommendation, even advocacy on behalf of a brand.

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Can location tech find a spot in marketing?

Location data could become the lynchpin of marketing as a whole, in much the same way that website analytics occupied the central position for web-based marketing.

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AI brings the dawn of the new customer intelligence platforms'

As the universe of what is 'knowable' about customers is expanding, new machine-learning technologies evolve to help businesses see further and deeper, improving business decision-making.