Cloud Price Index

Insight into the complex pricing models of public and private clouds

The Cloud Price Index is updated each quarter, and the product includes a standard set of deliverables:
  • Quarterly Data Updates

    Tear sheets and visualizations of all relevant methodologies, models, data & commentary across North America, Europe, Latin America and Asia-Pacific

  • Quarterly Advisory Reports

    Detailed reports on pricing in the private and public cloud markets, comparisons of public vs. private hybrid cloud options and a 90-day outlook on buying intentions

  • Pricing Tool

    Web-based application enabling subscribers to perform custom analyses on global public and private cloud pricing

  • External Licensing

    Limited rights to external use of Cloud Price Index data (3 per quarter)

  • Annual Summary and Predictions

    Annual report summarizing the four quarterly surveys and 1:1 interviews looking at predictions for the next 12 months

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