Enterprise IT

451 Research engages with Enterprise IT leaders in a variety of ways, all with the goal of helping you to make informed decisions about the innovative technologies and companies that enable your IT transformation plan.

Insight for Enterprise IT Transformation


451 Research is uniquely positioned to help you make informed decisions about how to navigate specific IT challenges, as well as power your organization's digital transformation. We don't just analyze the innovative technology and service providers, we analyze the entire ecosystem and advise on your specific opportunities and challenges. We triangulate market data, peer surveys, and analyst insight to deliver a perspective on IT that you simply can't find anywhere else.

As a 451 Research Enterprise IT subscriber, you have full access to our suite of research services and direct access to our team of 100+ analysts with domain expertise.


Enterprises face significant roadblocks when transforming their digital infrastructure. Our job is to help enterprise IT executives in the strategy and planning of IT infrastructure investments and changes.

  1. Standardize
  2. Consolidate
  3. Virtualize
  4. Automate
  5. Orchestrate

Will IT as a Service methodologies benefit my organization?

How do we align our digital infrastructure planning states based on changing business demand?

What are the decision drivers for "best execution venues," and how do we decide where to place application workloads?

How can disparate infrastructures (on-prem vs. off-prem vs. cloud) be compared in a meaningful cost vs. capability manner?

How do we make decisions regarding build/buy/colo/cloud (public and private) digital infrastructure options?

How do I create a shortlist of relevant tech vendors?

Learn More About Our Enterprise Services


451 Research has built a variety of IT communities to help you engage with and learn from your peers. Each of our IT communities is supported by our analyst team and requires an application or invitation. Learn more by submitting your interest in the above form.

Our communities include:
  • Global Digital Infrastructure Alliance: A select and vetted cross-section of datacenter, cloud computing, information security, storage, and other IT professionals worldwide. Members include datacenter directors and IT managers from the US; software engineers and product managers from China; enterprise network specialists from India and Singapore; CIOs from the UK and Germany; vice presidents of hosting in Moscow and Brazil; semiconductor design engineers from Taiwan; facility managers stretching from Seattle to Dubai; and more.
  • WiseGate: Membership applicants must be current senior-level information technology professionals, or other senior-level professionals with IT-related roles, and responsible for information technology and related matters at the corporate or enterprise level within their organizations. Individuals should also be open to discussing technology issues with peers and be willing to share professional experiences.
  • ChangeWave Alliance: A prestigious community of invited business and technology professionals that has built a reputation for being the first to uncover powerful shifts in consumer demand, corporate purchasing, and technology trends, as well as the broader economy.
  • Inside Track: Backed by the Uptime Institute, vetted members can engage with a global peer community of datacenter and IT professionals focused on the design, management, and operation of the critical infrastructure your business depends on.